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More and more athletes wish to be able to train in a professional and high performance way with innovative tools that are not subjected to depreciation over time both economically, but especially from the technical viewpoint. The added value of the MagneticDays Rental Option is to give this opportunity with the most accessible economic conditions.

By buying MD Training packages you can take advantage of a consistent and personalized support from the in-house team of coaches and athletic trainers, specialized and fully dedicated and available online through the MD system of Cloud Training.

Join the many MagneticDays customers scattered in Italy and around the world, who are benefiting from the advantages of a professional organization and a totally innovative training platform.

Our rental service, available only for the Italian area, includes the following conditions:

  1. Minimum period of 3 months at a cost of € 450.00 including taxes or 6 months at a cost of € 700.00 including taxes
  2. The prices also include shipping costs and a package of 12 training sessions of our HTT methodology (only for the first rental) with a commercial value of € 150.00
  3. In case of redemption at the end of the rental period, € 300,00 (3 months rental) or € 600,00 (6 months rental) will be deducted from the list price of JARVIS
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