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From the elegance of the MD line comes a SPECIAL JARVIS, great in performance and refined in design.

The shape, already perfectly studied in detail to provide maximum efficiency and precision during the execution of training, JARVIS has been given an extra touch in a new version, in a limited number of exemplars. In a Total Black guise, JARVIS, was signed by four diamond-pointed Italian champions who adopted the revolutionary MagneticDays training method for their athletic training. Alessandro Degasperi, Martina Dogana, Nico Valsesia and Marta Bernardi are the athletes who decided to “sign” on the safety of a scientific methodology aimed at improving their performance.

All the style of MD and the passion of these athletes, enclosed in a special edition dedicated to their fans for a product of high technical quality. A limited series for a prestigious partnership.

Each model has its own athlete’s signature laser-cut on the smooth matte surface of the flywheel, and on the back the Serial Number Special Edition identification.

Shipments available from October 15 2018, possibility of advance booking at a cost of 50.00 €.

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